Monday, August 22, 2011

Update on treatments

But last Thursday, I did it and quit.   I drove to Sloan Kettering, talked to the nurse, teared up, and told her I was afraid of more treatments.  She didn't talk me into it or out of it, and didn't really say much of anything, except to remind me that she had warned me that the skin would burn. Yet the fact that she warned me a month ago had nothing to do with how I felt last Thursday. So I followed my conviction, threw in the towel, and I left.  I know that I may have reduced my risk somewhat by the radiation but did not completely eliminate the risk.  I reasoned that I was in the "grey area" to begin with; one oncologist recommended radiation to reduce my risk of recurrence to the chest wall, and the other said there wasn't enough medical evidence that it was necessary for someone in my shoes. 

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