Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming among the flowers

The mountains of the Shawangunks, just south of the Catskills in New York, are blooming with mountain laurels. Bright white bell-shaped flowers everywhere on the mountain trails. These are the two or three weeks in the year when these cute whitish pink flowers are in full bloom. Seeing these flowers on a beautiful June day makes you feel so alive.

The Park's main lake is open for swimming and there is a long-distance swim section where I managed to fit in a mile swim after work, quickly changing from my lawyer suit to a bathing suit and running shorts in my own makeshift changing room, a/k/a the front seat of my Honda hatchback. But the inconvenience of a quick, cramped clothes change was worth it. It is so breathtaking to be swimming in a clear, clean lake, only accessible by dirt hiking trails, surrounded by the mountain laurels and greenery. And to hang out with some friends from my swim group who, like me, were drawn to this lake in June.

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