Thursday, April 7, 2011

Having a goal is the key

The key to surviving chemo with your sanity intact is realizing that there will be life after chemotherapy that does not involve cancer. At least this is true for me, as surgery is already done and I am not aware of any lingering tumors.

Choosing a goal or planning an event for when chemotherapy is done is proof positive that treatment is only temporary.

For me, one event that will sail me through chemo is our planned trip to the Caribbean in July. Visions of relaxing in a hammock in my rain forest villa five minutes from the beach in St Lucia is what will bring me through chemotherapy. This trip will be the reward. While immersed in health concerns, the thought of not having those health concerns within three short months is so wonderful it is almost unfathomable. I am giddy with excitement about this trip. Each infusion will bring me closer to my hammock.

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