Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Skullcap to Beat all Skullcaps

As I rapidly lose my hair, the realization that a good head covering will be needed, and immediately, clouds my mind. It interferes with my better judgment. I panic. When your hair is falling out in 50-strand clumps, you need to act fast. There's no time for dilly-dallying. Either you are going to enter the world ready to handle the chill of the day as a bald woman in style, or you are going to be stuck in a cheap synthetic wig until you do.

There is no dearth of options. And the challenge is finding something that fits into an office environment, that you can wear with a suit and not look like a biker chick. Or a boy.

First thought, especially to the naive, is to buy a scarf. Wouldn't that be the easy choice? A simple large square scarf that folded up into an African turban. So I ran down to the local head shop in New Paltz and bought myself a few bandannas to try out. Large enough for a head, or so it seemed. But folding those things to fit on the head was near impossible without sewing it into my scalp. I tried folding into a triangle, then tying over the head, being careful to tuck the triangle into the knots. Perfect from the front. Turning around, checking the back, and there, in all its glory, was a 3-inch sneak peek of my bald, white naked scalp. Oh no! This would not do.

The next scarf I purchased was large, beautiful, silky. Perfect to hide my naked scalp in a cool soft mound of silkiness. The problem here: it's a fine line between looking fashionable, and Amish. A very fine line indeed. Not that there's anything wrong with it. If you're Amish, which I am not. I like to let it all hang out, not in. Hiding in a large head scarf would make me stand out more, like a lady in a red dress at a funeral.

So I weighed my options without completely giving up on scarves. I am not that creative with scarves, and can't just drape it over my head casually and hit the town without fear of it unraveling at my feet at the most inoportune moment.

The thought of having a hat hit me. Not a regular hat, but a do-rag. Or a skullcap or beanie, whatever you want to call it. Heck, maybe a yarmulke will do. Anything that does not need advanced sailing skills to get the perfect knot. I need something low maintenance and colorful. I scoured the web. Ordered a few different ones from different websites. Finally found the selection to beat all sections at www.sparklingearth.com with all sorts of fabrics and colors.

A few days later, I saw that padded envelope package in my mailbox. With anxious anticipation, I ripped it open at the mailbox. My four new do-rags tumbled onto the driveway. Red with flowers, turquoise and black bandanna fabric with rhinestones, brownish with dots, southwestern fabric. I picked up the rhinestoned fabric, opened it up, ran into the house and took off my baseball cap, placing my doo-rag on my very round fuzzy head, tying the ties in the back. There was nothing to adjust, it fit just perfectly perched on top. Shook the head back and forth, up and down, and the hat stayed in its place.

Finally, simple problem resolved.

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