Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random thoughts

1. A four year old has the prerogative to change her mind. If I have tried to teach my daughter anything it's to do what you say and say what you do. In her words, "no fibbing."

So, knowing this, I should have been skeptical when my daughter told me last month that she really, really wanted to play soccer on Saturday mornings and she promised to stick with it for six weeks. Yesterday was day one of soccer season. Fifteen minutes after it started she decided she absolutely hates soccer and the coach scared her. She refused to play and sat on the sideline with a pout. Nothing I could say would change her mind. So much for soccer.

2. There is a girl for every man, no matter how crazy he may be. Similarly, there is a race made for everyone to win. You just need to find that race. The mix depends on the competition, the season, the course, and the way you feel when you crawl out of bed in the morning. Yesterday my young brother found his race and won the ENTIRE Master's division at a 5K race. Congratulations! Savor that win.

3. If you grow a tomato yourself it will cost $64. That's adding up all the wood, the soil, the fencing, the shovels and wheelbarrows, and the organic heirloom seeds. But they taste better than Shoprite. And the memories that my children will have of working together in the garden are priceless.

4. You can diagnose minor illnesses on the internet and it will be accurate and save you time at the doctor's office. There are enough reliable websites listing symptoms and all sorts of useful information about every illness under the sun. Most people think you'll misdiagnose with the internet. But me, I swear by it.

5. Spring fever is physical and psychological. I feel hyper in the spring. Like dancing and singing. And bicycling and running. Everyone is outside and people are happy. All you want to do is stay outside and savor it. But the question I had is whether Southerners feel "spring fever?" Don't you need to experience two or three months of crappy winter weather to really feel physically and mentally changed in April? I think so. One month of "spring fever" justifies all the ice storms this winter.

6. Gatorade doesn't freeze as quickly as water. Lesson learned from a bike ride in the winter.

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MOMSWEB said...

knock, knock...I dropped by to visit your blog and I enjoyed myself. This post in particular was especially funny (lol). Have a great day!